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What are the Scholarship Opportunities in Canada?

Are you an international student looking for scholarships to study in Canada, or a Canadian scholar looking to fund your studies or research abroad? Look no further!

More and more students aspire to study in Canada now. However, some of them drop the idea because of the cost of studying and living expenses abroad. So, if you too are planning to study in Canada, make sure you read this blog. To ease your expenses bag a scholarship for international students in Canada.

As the Tuition fees are quite low, scholarship opportunities are limited in Canada. Canada might be one of the most coveted destinations for international students, but unfortunately studying here doesn’t come cheap. For those keen to study in Canada but in need of financial support, a selection of scholarships for international students, provided by the Canadian government, individual Canadian universities, and other organizations have been rounded up here.

If you are eligible, intelligent and a tad bit lucky, you will get a scholarship in Canada. So, let us talk about scholarship in Canada and everything about it here.

Students having an academic percentage of 75% and above may be awarded scholarships by the institution.

One way that international students can help finance their studies in Canada is through scholarships, which are non-repayable financial awards. They tend to be granted to students with outstanding academic achievement, although some also recognize volunteer and work experience.

You must apply for some scholarships, but others are awarded automatically.

Scholarship funding for international students who wish to study in Canada is limited, highly competitive, and available mostly at the postgraduate level. Nevertheless, here are some tips and resources to help you explore this possibility.

Start at home

Students should first explore scholarships and other funding possibilities in their home country. Contact the depart­ment of education in your country of citizenship.

Contact your chosen university

Get in touch with the financial aid office of the university you wish to attend to ask for information about scholarships for international students and any application guidelines.

Research additional opportunities

Learn about scholarships administered by the Canadian government, provincial governments, private foundations, and not-for-profit organizations.

Below is the list of popular scholarships that are offered in Canada:

Sr No.

Name of the Institution

Amount of scholarships offered


University Canada West

Total scholarship value for the duration of an Undergraduate Program $8,000 to $12,000

Total scholarship value for the duration of a Graduate Program$5,000 to $7,500


Vancouver Island University

CAD 5,000 (CAD 2,500 awarded for the first year of study and CAD 2,500 for the second year)


New York Institute of Technology

CAD 2000 for full course


Lakehead University

CAD 4000 per year


Kings University College

CAD 1500 to CAD 3500 depending upon the percentage of the student


Brock University

CAD 4000 – 10000 for entire course


University of Guelph

CAD 2000 – 8500 for entire course


University of Windsor

CAD 250 – 1000 per semester


Trent University

CAD 1500 entrance scholarship


University of Victoria

CAD 3000 - 10000


Fairleigh Dickinson University

CAD 8500


Trinity Western University

CAD 4800 – 7200 President Scholarship


University of Regina

CAD 3000

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