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Business Investor visa

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Launched in 2013, Canada Business Investor Visa Program is designed for foreign entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to establish businesses in Canada by allowing them and their families to apply for Canadian Permanent


Resident status.In order to be eligible to apply to the Start-up Visa Program, the applicant must:

  • Own a qualifying Business: Applicants, whether alone or as a group (up to 5 applicants), must own more than 50%, with each applicant owning at least 10% of the shares.

  • Get a letter of support from a designated organization, authorized by Canadian Government. This could either be a:
    Venture capital fund; or
    Angel investor group; or
    Business incubator

  • In case you will like to know more about how you can start Business Investor Visa Program feel free to book an appointment for consultation with our immigration professional for more advice.

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